We Believe


Our hearts want to see the things that are dear to Gods heart fulfilled:

Helping the widows, feeding the poor, reaching out to the orphans, loving the unlovely, restoring the hearts of the fathers to their children and the children to their fathers. We want to see both the lost and the saved have an encounter with God’s love. We want to see great miracles happen that point people to Jesus. Also, we feel called to equip the saints and help them steward the gifts God has given them in such a way that it would expand the Kingdom and show the Father’s heart of God. We love to come beside ministries to help see their vision fulfilled.

We have traveled all over the world with one message: “Love!” We believe in loving people into the kingdom, showing and teaching love and truly living out 1 Thess. 1:5. We believe that Jesus Christ set the standard of a normal christian life, and that signs and wonders done out of love opens doors to minister to the unreachable.