“I have learned what it means to truly surrender to God, to listen, to be obedient, and to be available. I also learned the power of prophecy and what it means to have a kingdom mindset. I’ve truly experienced freedom!”

“I learned not to fear the prophetic and how to filter words. I now view life from a kingdom perspective and know just how big God is. I can speak to my Father like He is right next to me. Most of all I’ve learned who I am in Christ. To remain humble, to love and always honor.”

“I learned that God is not distant, but near and likes to speak to us in many different ways. I learned that I CAN prophecy when I thought it wasn’t possible.”

“Through this school I got my first word of knowledge and God healed someone because of it! I am now much more aware of this gifting in my life and how to operate in it for the kingdom.”

“My hunger for more intimacy with God has grown because I’ve learned that He wants and desires to be with me. I feel a whole new security in who I am in Christ. I’ve learned that God is speaks in many different ways; and I’ve also learned to listen in many different ways.”

“Because of Hawaii’s School of Ministry I feel more confidence in my relationship with God. I realized that I’m His daughter. Since being in the school I’ve spent more time seeking His face than ever before, and because of that I have more peace and more fire than I’ve ever experienced before. I was encouraged and challenged to heal childhood wounds.”