Please feel free to read testimonies of our very real and awesome God!  If you have a testimony you’d like to share with us, please go to our Testimony Submission Page. Mahalo!

December 2016: I’ve been praying for God to open doors of ministry to those around me, where His Presence would be so strong that it would shift the atmosphere. Some young Tenrikyo people were coming to my door, so I prayed that this would be one of those breakthroughs. A young girl asked if I wanted to learn about Tenrikyo, but I told her that I followed Jesus. She then told me that she does too. Confused, I asked her why she was promoting a false religion if she followed Jesus, and that started a deep sharing time about the true nature of Jesus and the Father. She began to tear and the Presence of God began to spill into my porch! She cried another few times, and the person she was with, a Japanese national who followed Tenrikyo, said that he had never heard Jesus shared that way, was also tearing up and wanted to know more! God’s presence was hitting him as well! They came to share with me, but Jesus was experienced instead! Glory to God!

November 2016: We were at Zippy’s and the waitress shared that she was out for five months for shoulder surgery and that her shoulder still hurt quite a bit. My wife laid hands on her and released the goodness of God upon her. God overwhelmed her with His presence and she could not move! She was extremely grateful and did not want to go back to work! God is good!

July 2016: We had the football team together and I noticed one of the kids holding their back. I called the entire team together and called out, ‘Whoʻs got back pain?’ A big kid got up and said, ‘I have.’ He sat down, we checked his legs and one leg was an inch shorter than the other. We started to pray, and all of the kids were watching, especially the ones that don’t go to church. As we were praying, the kids hips, like a shotgun, popped out twice! He stood up and he was completely healed! I said, ‘Who’s next?’ Another kid came up and his hips shot out like the first kid’s did and was completely healed! A third kid, the biggest on the team, came up with a damaged ACL in his knee, had just had surgery, and was in serious pain. I told one of the kids that was just healed to pray for him. After a short 10 second prayer, all of the knee pain was gone and the kid started to cry! God just blessed that place and those kids!

June 2016: I had major menstrual cramps before the church service started one Saturday. One of the leaders of the church prayed over me, and I felt the pain going away just like when medicine starts to kick in!! And the pain never came back throughout the night. God is so good!

June 2016: The Christian family I’ve known has a son in his 20s. One night I was having dinner with the family, and the son brought his non-Christian girlfriend to the house. His grandma asked them how they had met. As they explained how, the girlfriend somehow began to share how bad and painful her experiences were with her ex-boyfriend and his family. She mentioned they were believers, and yet they hated her because she wasn’t a Christian. I said, “This might sound strange to you, but can I ask you for forgiveness on behalf of the other family who hurt you and gave you a wrong impression of our Father God. He is a good God who loves you.” She began to cry as I shared that. The whole family and I got to pray for and with her, and God comforted her. Thanks, God!

June 2016: My co-worker had undergone a throat biopsy, and her throat was really sore. She couldn’t speak because it hurt so much. I asked if I could pray for her, and she agreed. After I prayed, she told me she had felt a sensation of coldness, and her throat felt better. She could speak a little. That night, the pain got really bad, and she said she doesn’t know if she was dreaming, but a man came to her. He touched her throat, and she felt the same sensation of coldness, and the pain was so much better. All she could say was, “His eyes…his eyes!” I told her, “Oh my gosh, Jesus came and healed you!” She said she felt like a different person, and I explained how you become a new person in Christ. She was a Buddhist, so this was all new to her. God reminded me later of something Pastor Dom had said. I just need to be obedient and pray, even for strangers, because there is always something that happens, perhaps in the spiritual realm, even if it looks like nothing happens in the physical realm. Maybe that person will have an encounter with Jesus that night!

May 2016: I went to a belated Father’s day breakfast for my grandpa with my mom and her 2 sisters. He was saying that the side and back of his scalp was very tender and sore for 3 weeks, so much so that he had a hard time putting his head on the pillow. So I came behind him, prayed for him and massaged his head. Then the pain went away! He was so amazed and couldn’t believe how fast it happened!

April 2016: One day at work, God told me to bless a certain co-worker by writing her a check for exactly $310 dollars. So I wrote the check and left it on her desk and went home. Later she called me, probably right after she found the check, and asked why the check and why for $310? I told I wanted to bless her and that’s the number God gave me. She then told me about how she found three dimes two weeks earlier. I didn’t understand until she told me, “3-10!” I said, “I think God is trying to tell you something!” Then she said, “I think so too!” A few days later she told me that God has to be doing something. She said, “Ever since you gave me the check, everyone’s been blessing me with money and other things!” We both were amazed at how good God is!

April 2016: My grandma with religious faith in a different god had severe lower back pain and was having difficulty walking. She let me pray for her in Jesus name, and the pain immediately left her. This miracle made her speechless!

April 2016: “I was waiting for the bus and happened to miss it. That meant I had to wait a while for another one. A little later, a disabled homeless man came by and I felt the Lord prompting me to speak to him. I asked if I could pray for him. He said that others had prayed for him and nothing happened, so he said thanks, but no thanks. I persisted and he eventually agreed, so I prayed over him and he got up and started running around! He was completely healed! Thank you Jesus!

April 2016: After music practice, I was driving along late at night and saw a man walking and the Spirit prompted me to talk to him. so I pulled over and walked up to him and told him the word the Lord gave me for him. He broke down and cried, and shared that he was just given a bible and was questioning whether God existed at all. Now, he was assured that God was near. Although he did not accept the Lord at that time, He knew that God has His eyes on him!

April 2016: One day, I came home from work and my mom was disraught. I asked her, “What’s going on?” God told me to pray for her, but instead of praying for the problem, to thank Him in the prayer. So I prayed over her and thanked Jesus for the problem and the storm, and she started crying. The next day, I came home from work and my mom was walking around the house thanking Jesus for every single thing in the house and every problem that we’re going through! And God told me, “That’s the Kingdom – that’s what I’m looking for!” My mom is now changing the way she thinks and the way she looks at situations in her life – yes! When we have a thankful heart, it affects others around us!

March 2016: We had a nanny at work who was not very good. She experienced a lot of recent trauma and in terms of coping, came to work either drunk or stoned. On a shift, she fell asleep for an hour and left the baby running around the house. We all kept giving her grace, but it wasn’t improving. Whenever we would work together, she would leave me on my own with all the kids to go smoke weed or to take a break and I was getting so frustrated. Weed would impair her judgment and I was worried about the kids wellbeing. On my way to work, I prayed asking God to please intervene. That same night, my boss came up to me and said she decided to let this girl go because she wants to protect her kids.

March 2016: We went to the water park with three of the kids. My 5-year old Vanttey has a huge fear of heights. She came from an abusive dad who would throw the girls down the stairs so I wasn’t surprised. She was too scared to go on any rides, and was bawling the whole time. She said she wanted to go home. Everyone was mad at her because she was ruining the day. But I felt the Holy Spirit ask me if I was willing to hold her hand, sit with her, and show her patience until she was ready. I agreed and sat talking with her on the bottom of the slides for the next four hours. By the last hour, something changed in her. I could defiantly feel it. So I casually asked her, Vantey do you want to try this ride on the raft? Hesitantly, she agreed. After waiting in line for another hour, we went down one of the highest slides in the park and she had a blast. Afterwards, she went on as many slides as she could before we left. As we were leaving, she told me she had a great day and wasn’t afraid anymore!

March 2016: We got to lead my uncle to salvation on his death bed!

March 2016: My 9-year old was sick with the stomach flu. I told her Jesus can heal it and I prayed for her tummy. She fell asleep a few moments later. A couple hours later, she was totally fine!

March 2016: Recently I have been given opportunities to pray for two of my favorite residents at different times. The first one has been really depressed lately, she wants to sleep all the time and doesn’t want to come down to eat dinner because she can be stubborn. I felt like I got a word of knowledge one day that she is very lonely/ depressed so I asked her if I could pray for her. After a couple seconds of praying she was shouting in praise thanking the Lord and thanking me. I was very perplexed on why she was so thankful/ joyful, But I knew God touched her. After her praise, she got up right away and went downstairs to eat! The second fellow was different. This was a couple days after praying for the first lady. But we were talking story and he told me his body was sore. I asked to pray for him and he said of course. While I was praying I could feel heat coming from both of my hands, which is normal but this time it was a heavy heat. With faith, I could feel the Holy Spirit going inside of him and he was saying thank you over and over again. I asked if he felt anything And he said “yeah, you’re hands were really hot” he also said he felt a lot better and I told him about Jesus’s love for him, he said thanks and went back to his home.

February 2016: My friend is a new found believer in Christ. Last week, she went out to evangelize for the first time. She was so nervous and scared, she felt sick. Right before she left, she texted me and asked me for advice. I was able to pray for her and share my experiences evangelizing, including some of the teachings I learned in internship! She became extremely calm and peaceful. She reported to me that it was a wonderful time and got to share the gospel with many students. She shared the message I sent her to encourage her whole team to step out in boldness and her team ended up reaching a bunch of unbelievers throughout her college! GO GOD!

February 2016: I got to pray for a coworker’s back to be healed and leg to grow out; completely healed/no pain. The next day I got to pray over her for anxiety attacks, Within an hour, anxieties disappeared- and she wanted to get to know the Lord more.

February 2016: While at work I got to pray for a customer (Woman) to be at peace with her heart after her husband passed away; she then received Jesus in her heart!

January 2016: I went hiking with some friends one day. On our way back it started to rain. I slipped and ended up twisting my ankle. One of them who was with me prayed over it, which enabled me to finish hiking back. I was icing it throughout the night and prayed over it again the next day, but it was still sore a little bit when I touched it. When I got to church on the same day, I asked two of the leaders there to pray for my ankle. They prayed over it for a few minutes, and the pain was completely gone. The pain has never come back ever since! Hallelujah!

December 2015: I was sitting on a bench checking my phone in a shopping mall one day when a homeless man approached to me. “Can I have some money?” he asked. I said, “What do you want to buy?” He told me he would like some fried chickens. So I said, “Alright, let me get them for you”, and I introduced myself when we started to chat. He asked me what I do, so I told him I work for a church and asked him if he believes in Jesus. That was when he started to open up his heart and began to share with anger how much he had prayed to God but never gotten his prayers answerd, and that he believes satan is god. So I shared with him some testimonies of how good God is and He has provided me and my friends finances miraculously. I asked him to wait there when I left to go get him some fried chicken meal at the food court. As I got my order, I noticed I had something in the bag I didn’t order. I told the cashier I didn’t pay for that, handing it back to her. But she goes, “Oh, I’m so sorry. You can take it.” So I ended up getting an extra food! When I walked back, the homeless man was looking down, waiting for me to come back. He looked up surprised as I handed him the food I promised to get for him. Right before I left him, I asked if I could pray to bless him. Even though he told me he didn’t believe in God and instead believes in satan, he put both of his hands out to receive a prayer. I got to see how Papa God’s kindness and love calmed this angry man and led him to receive the prayer in Jesus’ name.

November 2015: I prayed for a grandma with Bhuddist background, who had a cramp in her leg the night before. It was still very sore, and she was having a hard time walking. The first time I prayed, the pain level went down a little but not completely. I didn’t want to give up and prayed two more times. The third time I prayed, God took away all the pain! She was so surprised and shared with her family that she was healed. She told me that it usually would take 2-3 days to heal! She even asked me if she would have to ask Christians to pray for her when she would ever have pains in her body. So I told her, “Next time you try to command the pain to go away in Jesus’ name!”

November 2015: There is a visiting student from China, who is a journalist for a major newspaper company back in his home country. At one Bible Study, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to give an encouraging word to him. After giving the word, I still felt the urge to pray for him. I asked him if there was anything specific I could pray for. Then he pulled out his iphone and started to share with me and others about a text message he had received from his girlfriend back in China who doesn’t know the Lord yet. He told us crying that she was crying all day and feeling sad for no reason, and that he wished he could have been there to comfort her. He has offered her prayers before, but she told him she wouldn’t believe in prayer. So I told him to join me in prayer right on the spot, sharing with him that there is no time and space in Heaven so our God is ready to comfort her beyond time and space. I prayed that He would give her peace of Heaven that this world can’t give and she would feel the peace in a very tangible way at the same time we were praying over here in Hawaii beyond 18 hours of time difference. As I was praying, I was asking Him in my mind that we would like to hear a testimony that she felt the peace and comfort of Jesus. When we opened our eyes after the prayer, the Chinese guy showed us his phone. There we found a text from his girlfriend exactly at the same time we were praying that she was not feeling sad any more!! He texted her back: “We were just praying for you in our Bible Study group!” YAY GOD!!

November 2015: Two days ago a dear friend of mine opened up about a tumor she had the size of a tennis ball covered in hair and teeth. My friend and I prayed for her, and that the tumor would disappear. She ended up rededicating her life to God that day. Next day she went in for the operation, and the tumor was no where to be found!!! She is on fire for the Lord now, and it has just blown my mind how loving and how big our God is!

November 2015: I prayed for one international student with TMJ (a jaw joint problem) at University of Hawaii. After being prayed over, she opened up her mouth wide a few times to check. She got completely healed!!

Her roommate also from abroad injured her lower back when she was in middle school, and the pain came back lately. On the day many international studenets and I planned to go watch a movie, her back pain started to bother her again. So the girl, whose jaw was healed, texted me that her roommate might not make it to the movie because of the very severe pain. But I texted her back to bring her roommate over to the theatre so that we could all pray for her back to be healed. So she brought her, believing God could heal her from the back pain also if He could heal her jaw! Most of us there laid our hands on her back and prayed right in front of the box office. The pain scale went down, but the pain was still there. Second time we prayed, the pain went away a little more. But we had to go because the movie was starting. But then she exclaimed in surprise noticing that another part of her body she had a problem with was completely healed!! We didn’t even pray for that, but God knew!! After the movie, I asked her how her back was. The pain was still there. So I asked if I could pray one last time and started to pray for the trauma to be gone. She stood up, looked at me, and began to cry. The pain was gone! We hugged each other and cried! It was her very 1st time experiencing His healing power! As Jesus says, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20). Good job, God!!!

A week later this same girls’s lower back pain actually came back and she could feel her leg going numb. She called her roommate and asked her to pray for her over the phone. She said a quick prayer and asked, “How do you feel?” The numbness was all gone!! God is so good.

October 2015: I have been praying over my husband’s shoulder for the past two weeks, but I have seen little to no improvement. One day I listened to one of the church leaders talking about stating to align with Jesus and taking authority over the healing. So I was determined to pray over my husband again. And this time God took away all of his shoulder pain!

October 2015: A runner in a cross-country team had pain in both hamstrings and had trouble running and lifting his knees. I pulled him out and had him lay his hands on both of his hamstrings. I commanded the pain to leave. After the prayer, he could touch his toes and complete the remainder of his workout.

October 2015: In a FCA meeting, 1/3 of the students and I prayed for a student with some ankle pain. After all of the students gave her an encouraging word, she received 100% healing; she could balance and bend all the way down on her one ankle!

October 2015: I visited a nursing home with a friend who wanted to introduce me to her bedridden-dementia mother. One of the female dementia patients was freely roaming the floor with a wild look in her eyes and swearing at the nurses. The woman entered the room where I stood and approached me in anger, accusing me of something, but her speech was incomprehensible. I thought she was going to hit me, and so I rebuked the spirit of anger and dementia, asked God to subdue this woman, and then I spoke for peace to come upon her. The woman visibly calmed down, but continued to talk to herself. Every nurse who touched her was met with fits of profuse and vulgar swearing, yet she allowed me to touch her when I wanted to pray for her, when I touched her wrist to read her name bracelet, and when I straightened her clothes on her body.

I tried to get away from this woman so I could pray for my friend’s mother, but she stuck to my side like glue. The amazing thing was that as I was leaving the room, the woman stopped following me, straightened her hunched back, looked me directly in the eyes and asked me if I was going home. I said yes and waved goodbye to her. She stared at us until we were out of her sight.

October 2015: My husband was still suffering from the after-effects of having shingles. There was nothing more the doctor could do, and my husband’s friends were telling him that the pain never goes away completely, but remains for a year or for life. The thought was unbearable, and so my husband allowed me to pray for his healing. The pain had lessened by the next day, but I never knew the full effects of his healing because he had left on a business trip for two weeks. When he returned home, I asked him about the prickly pain, and he said he no longer has any pain. In his words, “It’s completely gone.”

October 2015: My friend was experiencing stabbing pains on the left side of her head all day long. I laid one hand on the painful area of her head and commanded the debilitating pain to leave. The pain left immediately. She waited about 10 minutes to “test her healing,” and the pain did not return.

This experience amazed her so much that she asked me to pray for her right arthritic knee. Whenever she tried to lift her leg from a sitting position, excruciating pain would shoot up her thigh. She said she was in constant pain and blamed it on “old age.” I laid both hands on her right knee and prayed for a complete restoration of the knee, including the replacement of worn-out parts. Then I asked her to do something she couldn’t do before, and she was able to lift and straighten out her leg to its fullest without experiencing any shooting pain. Just to be sure that both knees were equal in flexibility, I prayed that her other knee would also be restored to its original youthful function. The woman exclaimed that the good knee was even better than before in flexibility. She was now able to bend and swing both legs from a sitting position without any pain or stiffness.

I received a text message two days later from the woman. She said that she went home and slept like a baby for the first time. Pain in the back of her neck was gone, and there was no more throbbing in her right knee. When she got out of bed in the morning, she experienced absolutely no pain. She has more mobility and walking down the stairs was not painful anymore. I saw her again one week later, and her right knee had been completely healed of arthritis.

October 2015: I awoke with a tight and aching muscle on the left side of my neck. I was about to take two painkillers when I thought about laying hands on myself for healing. I had prayed for my own healing before, but either it didn’t work or the pain worsened – sometimes much worse to where I needed urgent care. I thought, “Well, I doubt if it’s going to work, but I’ll try again, and if nothing happens, then there’s always Advil to the rescue.” I laid my hand on my neck, commanded the pain to go away, and to my utter surprise, the pain was completely gone!

September 2015: I had a terrible bounding headache, and my neck and shoulders were all stiff. One of the leaders prayed for me. Shortly after she started to pray, all the tentions in my neck and shoulders began to loosen up. But I still had the headache. She prayed for the second time. And God completely took away the headache.

September 2015: A friend of mine stwisted her ankle one day, so I offered her prayer. The swelling went down, but she still had to go see a doctor. Came to find out that her ankle was broken, and her doctor told her that it would probably take 6 weeks to heal. But God was already working on it, and she is now walking fine without any pain after the diagnosis. This is only a few days after she broke her ankle!!!

August 2015: I was with my friends in a mall one day. I was having some pain on my back and shooting pain going down from one side of my hip to my leg. I asked them if any one of them had the pain by any chance. I came to find out that one of them had the pain so I began to pray for her. Then the joy of the Lord hit both of us, and we started to laugh!! After we calmed down, the pain I was feeling disappeared. I asked her if she still had the pain. God’s joy took away all of her pain! Hallelujah!

August 2015: A lady stepped on a loose kukui nut and rolled her ankle. I asked if I could pray for Jesus to heal her. She agreed. As I started to pray, I felt her ankle shifting and moving. She got up to test it and pain was severely reduced. Prayed a second time and a shock went through her body (she jumped back). She tested it the second time and was completely healed. She couldn’t believe it! Another lady was watching and said she started to go to her boyfriend’s church where God performs miracles through church members there and it freaked her out. So we got a chance to explain to her about the “normal Christian life” and the simplicity of the gospel!

August 2015: When my wife and I went to get a massage because my shoulder was killing me, God gave me a word about the guy who was working on me about his passion and his past. I shared it with him after we were done. He didn’t believe in God, but he was blown away by the word. Then the lady who was working on my wife pulled us in the back. We found out that she loved Jesus and asked us to pray over her lost daughter.

August 2015: My wife and I prayed for a kid with a fractured foot (stress fracture). He had problems moving on it without pain. After we prayed a couple of times, all pain disappeared. He came back two days later to tell us he was completely healed!

July 2015: I was at my friend’s wedding and noticed a photographer limping. I asked him why he was limping and He told me that he had injured his foot a long time ago and it never healed up completely, which sometimes gives him pain as he moves around at work. So I shared with him that we see God’s miracles all the time and offered him prayer. At first he was hesitant to receive prayer, but he said I could pray for him. Right after I prayed for him, I asked him to check his foot. He was stunned that God took away all the pain!

July 2015: I was talking to a Christian guy in this wedding, and he asked me a few questions about God’s healing power. We talked about how we encourage each other in our church to live a lifestyle of releasing God’s presence everywhere we go and pray for people because He’s with us all the time and not a far-away God. The person I was talking to has been a believer but, he shared, he had never thought of God like that. When he went home, his 5-year-old daughter was having a sore leg. He usually gives her a massage when her leg is sore, but he remembered our conversation about praying and started to pray for her leg. And the Lord totally healed her leg, and she no longer has any pain!

July 2015: I had an irrational fear of holes ever since I was in middle school where ghost comic books were going around and I happened to look at one of the pages. On that page there was a picture of a girl with irregular sizes of holes on her face, and I got totally terrified by it. The picture of the girl’s face stuck to my mind for a long time, but it faded away as I grew up. About a few weeks ago, I was browsing through internet and happened to see a picture of a lotus flower pod, which has so many holes. This triggered my fear once again, and I was so scared about those holes (note: this is 20 some years after I first looked at the comic book!). I asked the Lord if there was any kind of spirit attached to the picture I saw in middle school, and I was renouncing whatever that came to my mind. In the meantime, I asked a few people to pray for me to get over that fear and I could have a breakthrough. And yet, the picture of holes came back to my mind over and over again, and I was still afraid. One morning I was soaking in my room, and the Lord showed me a vision of myself as a little girl and a guy standing right in front of me. This guy’s face is full of holes, so I start to cry in the vision. Then this guy takes away a mask with full of holes and starts to laugh hysterically! I look up, and there is Jesus standing there! Then I remembered what I learned from church, that laughing at the lies of the enemy is a weapon, and that was why Jesus was laughing in the vision. He says, “Why are you crying?” He embraces me in His arms and says, “No need to be afraid. I am always one step away from your fear. What gives you fear is all counterfeit behind what’s true! Truth is always hiding behind the counterfeit. Ever since I had this encounter with Him, I remember what He told me. Every time I happen to see anything with holes as I go about my day, I’m no longer afraid of them!!

July 2015: My friend was having pain in her hands and afraid that she might have arthritis. So I offered her prayer; I cancelled the fear and commanded the pain to leave. Nothing happened right away, but about an hour later she realized that the pain started to go away, and flexibility of her hands were back also! Yay God!

June 2015: This week I went to dinner with my fiance’s dad and her auntie and uncle (about 80 years old). Uncle was partially desk from Korean War and auntie had a bad Lasik surgery, so she had a purple haze in one eye. The dad had an accident so one leg was short since he was in high school. Prayed for all three. Uncle got his hearing restored, auntie started feeling light then the next day the purple haze cleared up, and the dads leg grew out an inch.

June 2015: God does multiply! I got a chance to sow into a church I was visiting one day, and a few weeks later God provided me money out of the blue that was exactly 10 times more than what I gave! This really encouraged me and has led me to walk by faith in more radical way!

June 2015: I was having a pounding headache one day. I prayed for myself but it didn’t go away. So I decided to worship for a little while and commanded the headache to be gone. And a few second later, the Lord took away the headache!

A few days later the headache came back, so I played some worship music and soaked in His presence. And He took away my headache again!!! Yay God!

June 2015: A week ago, I badly strained muscle in my left bicep area surfing and could barely move it without excruciating pain. I had lunch with a friend and he prayed over my muscle and I immediately received range of motion, but it was still painful. By 6pm that night, 90% of the pain was gone, and by the next day, it was completely healed! Praise God!!

May 2015: I was led to write a check to bless a married couple I know. I felt like the Lord was telling me to give a certain amount of money, so I did. I hid the check in my friends’ apartment and prayed God would multiply it, and that they would find it when they would need that money. They contacted me on the same day that they found the check and told me that their bank account balance just went to negative the day before. They also shared that they gave an offering (10% of what they had) the week before, and the amount I gave was exactly 10 times more of the offering they gave! As I was sharing this testimony with a friend of mine, she shared with me another one similar to my testimony. Her friend from church was desperately in need of money to pay for his college tuition, but one day at church the desire to give his latest paycheck of $700 from work never left him during the service. He ended up giving it all as an offering that day. And the following week, he came to find out that he received a $7,000 grant from school to pay for his tuition!!!

Jul. 2013: Back when Kainoa was a youth pastor at New Hope Volcano, I was 13 years old and he was preaching on Gods love and how no matter what we did, God loves us and wants a relationship with us. That night I hit my knees and accepted Jesus in my life. Now I’m 22 and my wife and I separated for 3 months. When I prayed one night God reminded me of that time that Kainoa and I went out on a paddle boat and God used him to help me let go of some anger I had toward my biological father. When God showed me that, my wife called and we cried told each other how much we loved each other! God brought us back together and we’ve been married now for 3 years. Thank you Lord for putting this son of yours and my brother here.

Jun. 2013: While at a school giving away furniture, I saw a woman on crutches. I asked her what happened and she said she had a very bad hip injury from a serious car accident. She had multiple surgeries on the hip and one more was scheduled, but she was still in great pain. I asked her if I could pray for her, and she said, “Sure!” I prayed and asked her to move her leg, and she was amazed at the range of movement she now had! We prayed again and she said that her hip felt good – so good that she was going to ask her Dr. if the surgery was now necessary! Thank you, Jesus!

May 2013: While in San Francisco, we met a man who was recovering from very recent kidney transplant surgery. He complained of not being able to eat much at all and having severe gastric problems. We all prayed for him, and when he came over for lunch, he ate a lot and realized that his stomach ailment had left! Yes, God!

Oct. 2012: While at a service on Sunday night, there was a Korean woman with a tooth ache. She had her right hand on her right cheek and saying: “pain, pain, pain”. I was asked to pray for her. This is the first time I prayed for a healing of a tooth ache. I did not know how to pray for a tooth ache. I just declared for the pain to leave. She started to smile, then she started to jump, and shout: “gone, gone, gone” and she was bitting down on her teeth. She ran up to the stage and testified that she received her healing.

Oct. 2012: On a Wednesday morning while soaking with God, He showed me a polynesian woman sitting on a high chair. She was thinking, “Is God really real?” She needed to know that God is real and He wants to give her a miracle. I also received the name Kuipo. This was given to me at 7:20am. I noted all that God showed me on my phone notes and showed it to Christy, her sister and brother in law. I shared with them that we need to look for this woman because God wants us to encourage her and give her a miracle. We had breakfast and went about our day, doing our business and stuff.

At about 1pm we walked into the “Adventure Tour Building” where we were scheduled to go tubing on the old Plantation irrigation streams. At the front desk there were two women, each of them sitting on high chairs. I looked at them and asked if any of their names were Kuipo. One of them looked at me with a grin on her face, and both of them answered with a strong, “NO!” So Christy, her sister Toni and Her brother in law Toa walked to the luau table and had lunch. After lunch, Christy and I decided to and speak to one of the women at the front desk sitting on high chairs. Christy asked the woman that looked polynesian, “what is your nationality?” She answered, “eleven”. I was confused, so I said, “What is eleven?” She shared that she had eleven different nationalities. Christy said: “is one of them polynesian?” She said yes!

She shared with us that she lost her grandmother a few weeks ago and she questioned God, saying, “Why did You let my grandmother die?” We shared with her that God said that she is valuable and precious to Him, and that she is a sweetheart. She started to tear in her eyes.

She said “How did you know?” I answered, “Know what?” She answered, “Only my grandmother called me Kuipo! How did you Know?” I then shared with her that God spoke to me this morning about her and that God wants to give her a miracle.

She then shared with us about her high school sweetheart and that they broke up after high school. They did not see each other for six years. They just got back together after six long years.

We then prayed for her that this relationship with her high school boyfriend is the miracle God wants to give her. Both Christy and I prayed for their relationship.

She then shared with us that her boyfriend is going to church and reading the book “Purpose Driven Life”. Kuipo was so grateful and thanked us for praying for her and her boyfriend.

She went in the back room of the building where all the workers take their breaks and shared what happened to her with her coworkers.

When we went back to the table where we had lunch, we shared what happened with Toa and Toni and they were amazed on how God works.

Oct. 2012: During the 2nd week of October we prayed for my grandma who had a stroke a while ago. While we were praying, her mouth straightened, and the doctor said her sugar was at the best level in 20 years! Yay GOD!

Oct. 2012: My friend Emily’s shoulders and hip were hurting and out of place because of a car accident 2 weeks ago. While we prayed for her all the Back pain left and her hip and shoulders got completely straightened.

Oct. 2012: I really needed $300 for bills owed; I asked God to help me out and a few days later my aunty handed me $300 for helping with her wedding! Thanks for the breakthrough Lord!

Oct. 2012: I prayed for my chiropractor whose foot was sprained from playing soccer with her kids. The foot was very swollen and painful, she moved around by sitting on a chair with wheels. I prayed for healing, pain to be gone, inflammation to go and restoring the ankle back to normal. She still felt pain, so we kept praying. After we left she texted us that she stood up and was now putting 60% of her weight on that foot, something she could not do before.

Oct. 2012: My daughter called me and said that her 2 year old son had a high fever and was very irritable. She was asking what to do. I was in the car talking to her thru bluetooth and I could hear my grandson crying, I just started declaring peace over his body and right away he stop crying. My daughter was so relieved to hear him stop crying. Prayers work even over phones!

Sep. 2012: While Kainoa was ministering to the Inner-Varsity group at Hoomaluhia Park, I received a word of knowledge that a person had an infection in the right ear and there was pain running from his ear to the right side his face down to his jaw. I said, “God is healing you right now!” Brenen raised his hand, and he had a lump behind his right ear. I prayed for him and he said it was better. At the end of the night, I went up to Brenen and prayed for him once more. I placed two of my fingers on the lump and prayed. While praying, I felt the lump shrinking! I kept on praying and Brenen said he felt the lump shrinking and the pain decreasing

On Sunday, I spoke to Brenen and he said that he went to the doctor and they drained the lump until it was gone, but the incision need to heal, so I prayed again for rapid healing.

The same night I received a word of knowledge that a person with a right ear infection was there. There was a young man who was standing behind Brenen, and his name was Kawika. He had an ear infection with pain running from his right ear to his jaw. He had an ear infection for a week and the pain was getting worse each day. He was totally healed and all the pain was gone instantly, but he did not say anything that night because he thought that the miracle was just not really real. He had seen this kind of miracle only on TV not in real life.

Sunday morning during the testimony time Kawika share the hold story how he got healed:

**Friday night Kawika was healed from the ear infection but did not say anything because he thought that the healing was just for Brenen. He had a thought that the infection might come back so he waited to see what would happen.

**Saturday, in small groups, he shared the miracle of his healing with his group because he thought that he really got healed. After one whole day of no pain he then believed that he received a miracle.

**Sunday morning during testimony time, Kawika shared the miracle of healing he received, in detail, with the whole group.

Sep. 2012: I went to pay our cell phone bill at T-Mobile in Kaneohe. While waiting in line to pay our bill, I noticed a girl about 15 or 16 with her father leaving the store. Her name was Tiana. She had a neck brace on her neck. I asked her father what happened, and He said that she’s a cheerleader and while doing a cheer, the team dropped her and she fell to the ground. I asked the father if I could pray for Tiana. He look at me with a peculiar look for a moment, than said, “yes, you may pray for her.”

I asked Tiana if she had any pain, and she said yes, about a level 5 in intensity. I prayed for her healing and for the pain to go. While I was praying I noticed a smile on her face, and she told me that God was doing something. I asked her to do something that she couldn’t do before and she moved her head around and around. She said all the pain was gone! Her father said they were going to the doctor on Monday and they would see what they had to say. I blessed them and they thanked me for praying.

Sep. 2012: My wife and I went to Walmart Mililani to purchase a cruiser bike. While at the storage room door, waiting for the sales person to bring the bike out from the store room, I noticed a young man in his early thirties or late twenties with a cast from his right hand to his elbow. I got his attention and asked him what happened. He said he broke two bones in his hand while working. He was a construction worker. He held his hand up on his chest as if he had an invisible sling holding his arm up. I also noticed that his hand was swollen. I asked him if had any pain. He said just a little.

Then I asked him if I could pray for him. He gave me a funny look but after a moment he said yes. I prayed for healing of the broken bones and for the pain to leave and swelling to disappear. While I was praying I saw the swelling decreasing and he was smiling. After praying I ask him to do something he couldn’t do before we prayed. He started to move his fingers; the swelling was gone and he said there was no pain!

He thanked me and I said Jesus heals! While he walked away he dropped his hand to his side and was swinging his arm back and forth like it was normal. YES GOD!

Sep. 2012: I got to Pray for my friend’s dog to be healed and to walk again. Next day the dog “Katie” was walking and vet was amazed that he found nothing wrong with her health.

Sep. 2012: I prayed for my Grandma’s hip pain and she got up, started walking, and the pain was gone. I also prayed for eye pain and pain was gone 100%!

Sep. 2012: At a retreat I got a Word of knowledge for a girl’s calf pain, prayed and pain left!

Sep. 2012: What is a miracle? My definition of a miracle is something that cannot be done using all of my human abilities. I’ve seen God do 3 miracles in my life in September 2012:

First miracle… I experienced this month is how God worked in my life so I could be a intern in Hawaii’s Church of Aloha. I’m learning and understanding what Kingdom culture is by experiencing this culture every week I go to classes. I also get to live it out in my every day life. I am learning what true freedom really is.

Second miracle …Living in kingdom culture my mind is being renewed. I think differently, I see differently and I behave differently. When looking at people, instead of just seeing there physical strength, gifting and talents. I now am beginning to see the gold in people, the Holy Spirit shows me how precious and valuable people really are. I can actually see the good things that are in their heart. My way of thinking and behaving and speaking is totally changing. I am being transformed. I am now beginning to think, speak and behave like my Father, I am His daughter.

Third miracle… my husband hurt his shoulder lifting weights in the beginning of the month and would complain a lot about how it hurts. I prayed different times for it to be healed and he would say he still could feel the pain. Then, on the last Friday of the month in the morning, I was having a wonderful time thinking how awesome it is that we are God’s sons and daughters, and I looked over to see my husband feeling pain in his shoulder again. I prayed for him and He said he felt heat and the pain left. He also went back to lifting weights and felt no pain.

Jul. 2012: While loading up my car with heavy equipment, I felt a pop in my calf muscle and could barely walk after that because of the intense pain. The next day, after I woke, I could barely get around at all. Later that day, two friends of mine came over and prayed over my calf to be healed. Next thing you know, I felt about a lot better and could almost walk normally! Two days later, I was walking like nothing happened! The great thing is that my friends had never prayed healing over someone before, so they were blown away by how God used them! Hallelujah!

Apr. 2012: At Sam’s Club, my wife was talking to a lady in line for pizza. They were looking at me and pointing at me, and I was wondering, “What are they doing?” This woman had a pain in her foot, so my wife started praying for her, but couldn’t finish because she had to order her food. This woman then came over to me and said, “You don’t know me, but I was talking to your wife and I was wondering if you could pray for my foot?” I was thinking, “Wow – the fish are jumping in to the boat!” She said the arch of her foot had a lot of pain. I told her about the previous miracle with the kidney stones and got down and prayed for her foot. Her face had a shocked look and she said, “There’s tingling in my foot – how weird?” I told her that’s the Holy Spirit. She said a lot of the pain left, so I prayed for her again, and all of the pain instantly disappeared! She started crying and didn’t know what to do next – I told her to thank God because He’s good and He loves you! Yay, God!

Apr. 2012:  Our friend from the big island came to Oahu because of severe kidney stones and great pain.  The stones were about 1/2″ to 3/4″ in size – very large!  We were able to pray for her before going to the doctor and all of the pain left – yay God!  We thought she was 100% healed and told her to check with the doctor before doing the surgery.  However, the stones were still there, but they had shifted down the tube, which is a miracle with stones that large!  This made the pain go away and made the surgery a much easier small procedure!  Thank you, Jesus

Mar. 2012: Video of a healing while in the Philippines on a mission in Cebu – God completely heals a man with a dislocated shoulder!


Jan. 2012: A few months back, I noticed that my elderly neighbor was walking with a cane and a bad limp.  I asked her what was wrong and she shared that her foot was acting up and causing her pain.  I laid hands on her and prayed for the Lord to heal her, talked a bit more, and left.  Last week, I saw her outside and she shared with me that she forgot to tell me something for a long time.  She asked me if I remembered the time that I prayed for her foot, and that ever since that day, her foot has never hurt again and she hasn’t used her cane!  God is good!

May 2011: The following testimony was shared by a fellow believer:

In Hilo, I saw a man walking in a parking lot with a limp.  But I was scared to approach him so I asked the Lord to open a door for me to pray for him.  Just then, he turned around walking toward me and asked me for directions.  I asked what had happened to his leg.  He shared that he was hiking, fell down a small cliff, cut up his whole body on the rocks, and twisted his ankle very badly.  His ankle was very swollen, and he couldn’t put weight on it.  I said to him, “It might sound crazy but I know someone who can take care of that.”  He said, “Really?”  ”His name is Jesus,” I said and added, “We have been seeing many miracles and I know God can do the same for you.  Can I pray for you?”  He looked around and asked, “Now?”  ”Yes, it will only take a minute, ” I told him.  He was hesitant but allowed me to pray for him while everyone else there in the parking lot was watching what was going on.  After the prayer, I asked to check himself.  He looked at me with his eyes wide open and backed away slowly saying “Thank you” softly.  I felt awkward and got in my car, pulled out, and started to drive away.  Right then I saw the same man running toward my car, yelling to stop.  When I rolled down my window, he asked me what I had done to him.  ”Why?” I asked.  He shared that he felt heat going into his leg and all the pain and swelling left when being prayed over.  He jumped up and down with no pain while I explained to him it was God who healed him.  He took off bandages and found that bloody wounds, that were once open, were now all dry and healed.  He looked at me once again and said, “I’ve been in Hawaii for only 3 days and now I know God is in Hawaii!”  YAY GOD!!

Apr. 2011: One Sunday some of us went to a local park and talked to homeless people there. We ended up creating a fire tunnel so they could walk through it and receive prayers if needed. A man walking with a cane first received 60% of healing and after continuous prayer the Lord completely healed him. He could walk without the cane!

The Lord delivered another man after him walking through the fire tunnel and being prayed over. He didn’t know the Lord, and yet he decided to dedicate his life to Him right there when he was asked if he would like to accept Him as His Savior!!! Praise the Lord!

Yet another man was sitting on a beach chair who had been having difficulties walking on his own because of a sudden loss of balance. One of his leg was at least one and a half or two inches shorter than the other, but the leg grew out after the prayer. He tried to walk on his new leg and could take several steps without anyone else’s help!

Apr. 2011: A man was almost $2000 in debt for student loan payments. He asked God to “crush” his debt. Right after the prayer, a loan company forgave the debt, and balance owed was returned back to “0″!

Apr. 2011: We found that legs of 4 different people were shorter than the other. We saw the Lord grow them out right in front of our eyes!

Apr. 2011: On a hiking trail, we prayed for a non-Christian lady with knee pain from a ski injury she had three years ago. She was wearing a knee brace but felt the heat and could bent her knee without feeling any pain. We asked if she’d be willing to take the brace off so she could find out if the pain was totally gone. So she did and felt no pain. She could finish hiking without putting her brace back on!

Mar. 2011: A brother went to an Escrima martial arts tournament (just as a spectator), and the Grandmaster’s grandson was in the hospital the previous night (for Chromes Disease) and was trying to compete in the tournament that morning. He ended up throwing out his back. He was treated with Chinese medicine with minimal effect. The brother introduced himself and asked if he could pray for him. God completely healed his back. He told the brother that he used to go to church, but stopped going. After the miracle he accepted Christ.

Mar. 2011: Young lady was born with Stigmas (eye condition that produces rapid eye movement). She had poor depth perception. After prayer, God healed her condition, and she could see “clearly” for the first time.

Mar. 2011: 55-year-old Christian lady came in for fellowship. She was born with Diabetes and had a knee injury. She was also a martial arts instructor but couldn’t do much because of the knee. Prayed for her knee and barely prayed for her diabetes. She felt the heat and completely healed. Three days later her blood sugar completely dropped to normal levels, and God healed her diabetes as well.

Mar. 2011: A young lady had back pain for 6 months. She was going to therapy but there was little improvement. Also her right leg was shorter than left. The right leg grew out, back pain left, and she was released from therapy the next month.

Mar. 2011: A young non-Christian lady was told she had torn her Achilles tendon while playing soccer. (Surgery normally required.) She was on crutches with ankle brace. She was prayed for, and the ankle was healed 80%. She took off the ankle brace, walked away carrying the crutches, and played in a week-long soccer tournament the next week with minimal swelling. Two weeks later, she had no problem.

Nov. 2010: A young man sprained his ankle playing football. It was swollen to softball size. He received prayer, and God melted all the swelling away and fully healed the ankle during prayer.

Nov. 2010: A lady had cancer in her trachea and on her sternum (previously breast cancer). She received prayer and a week later got retested for cancer. The cancerous nodules on her sternum disintegrated, and the trachea was still swollen (sign of the cancer), but no cancer was found in the swelling.

Oct. 2010: A young non-Christian lady tore her meniscus playing basketball on a Sunday. The next day her knee was wrapped and couldn’t put any pressure on leg. She received prayer, and God completely healed her knee. Within 5 minutes she could jump, and place all her bodyweight on the previously injured leg. She, her team mate, and her coach all accepted Christ immediately after.

Dec. 2010: In the last few weeks we have seen God grow out 4 legs, where one was shorter than the other!

Nov. 2010: God is showing up amongst the homeless in Waikiki!  We seen God heal three people with health problems.  The first lady that got healed wasn’t able to walk on one leg because of a severe knee problem, and she had a shoulder problem that kept her from being able to raise her arm.  Jesus completely healed her!   Now she can lift her arm and she doesn’t need a cain!  Yay God!

Just after that, God healed her boyfriends knee that was severely messed up.  Not sure the exact problem, but now he is able to walk without pain.

We then went to a restaurant where our waiter just so happened to be wearing a leg brace.  He said he had a torn ACL….We prayed for him while everyone was staring and God healed him on the spot.  He then took off his leg brace and began to apply  pressure his first words were “NO WAY!!” Yay God again!

Sept. 2010: While walking in Waikiki one night we saw a bunch of teenagers breakdancing.  Just as we stopped to watch them we saw one of the boys twist his ankle and fall to the ground in pain.  As he lay there holding his leg we asked if we could pray for him.  Well, to make a long story short, with in about 3 minuets he was back dancing with no pain. The crowd of people who gathered to watch breakdancing, got to witness the raw power of our very, real God.